Our Church Address

2464 Dundas Street, and RR #1
Burlington, Ontario
L7P 0S8 Canada


Phone: (905) 336-5164
E-mail: church-office@bellnet.ca
Church Office Hours: 9:00 – 2:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

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Map and Directions

St John’s is located 100 meters to the southwest of the junction between Dundas Street (Halton Region Road 5) and the Guelph Line (Halton Region Road 1) at the north end of Burlington. This cross-roads was the site of the former Village of Nelson, now incorporated into Burlington.

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  1. stjohns says:

    On Sunday January 31, 2016 my grandson attended Sunday School and the theme was the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000. He came home from Church and presented us with a puppet show of how the it occurred. ( popsicle sticks with paper of figures attached to it ) In our living room he arranged all the popsicle sticks and went through the miracle of feeding the masses. ( I have to be amazed by the retention of a 7 year old ). It is wonderful to know that our teaching of the younger generation sinks in and they have absorbed our Christian values. I was dumbfounded as to the depth of how he retained the teachings and I want everyone to know how much our Christian education influences the young people of our congregation.

    I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Church School teachers for their dedication to the education of our young people.
    Kudos to the Church School teachers at St. John’s.

    Don and Brenda

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