Ministry of the Word

Lay leadership of the first part of the service (the Ministry of The Word) is simply a matter of leading the congregation in the prayers and readings up to the Peace. This point represents a break in the service between the non-sacramental Ministry of The Word and the sacramental Eucharist proper. Since the Ministry of The Word is non-sacramental, prescription it can be led by any willing, responsible person or persons. This is simply an extension of the increased lay participation in the conduct of our services that has occurred over the last 30 or more years.


Greet the congregation and announce the opening hymn.

Announce that the service begins on page 185.
Lead the opening prayers. (An alternate or additional prayer may be used from Easter to Pentecost, seeĀ  the bulletin or check with the priest).

Announce the Gloria. (During the penitential seasons, Advent and Lent, the Gloria is not used and either the Kyrie or Trisagion is used instead. Check the bulletin or with the priest.)
Invite the congregation to join in and lead the collect for the day.

Invite the congregation to sit for the readings.

After the 1st reading, announce the psalm, with the page number, lead the psalm. This may be said in unison or responsively at your discretion, mostly determined by the length of the psalm. (I tend to use six verses as a rough cut off for unison, but there is no rule.) Conclude with the little prayer printed at the end of the psalm.

After the 2nd reading, announce the gradual hymn and invite the congregation to stand.

After the sermon, announce the Statement of Faith, with page number or location, invite the congregation to stand and lead the Statement of Faith.

Invite the congregation to stand sit or kneel as they feel most comfortable for the prayers of the people.

The Priest will continue with the invitation to confession.

Brian Ryder
Revised September 2009

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